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Open_quote I can't say enough nice things about Marrily. It's really the best. I was drawn to the site by a wedding blog that was offering a discount on the membership. The more I read about Marrily the more I knew that I was meant to sign up - my name being Marilee and all. Organization isn't really my strong suit and being fairly young I didn't have many past brides to turn to for help. Marrily took so much of the weight of planning off my shoulders and provided an amazing (and amazingly easy to navigate) website to house all of my spreadsheets, guest lists, to-do lists, and budget info. I can't wait to use it for my seating chart once all the RSVPs are in. Your website is such a lifesaver. Thanks again! Close_quote
Marilee Dobbs
A happy Marrily user
Open_quote Yes, I see it now! Perfect! How did you add that so fast!! [...]
Oh did I tell you yet that I love your site. Close_quote
Katie Ryan
A happy Marrily user
Open_quote Marrily is a GO-TO place if you are looking for an online platform to plan for your wedding. The cost of it is not exorbitant given that it is a once-in-a-lifetime event you are planning for. There are monthly, 3-monthly and 6-monthly subscriptions you can refer to.
If your wedding is one year away, it would merely cost you $100, which I would say is extremely decent for the savings in terms of time and hassle one has to go through in coming up with all the things from scratch. You should see the number of Google Documents I have on my own wedding. Close_quote
Paul Smiling
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Open_quote Marrily truly is the best online wedding planner I’ve come across. I’m going…I mean my fiancée is going to be using Marrily to help plan our wedding. The really great part about it is that it doesn’t have to just be for weddings. You can also use it for other events you may be planning.[...] This will save me (my fiancée) so much time with planning that it is well worth the cost. Close_quote
Kevin ( blog)
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Open_quote Marrily is an essential tool for all brides and wedding planners. It is simple to use, easy to navigate, and very reasonably priced. The interface is simple and streamlined; very easy to follow. Alex's professionalism and expertise is exactly what I was looking for in a developer. He is not only open to new ideas, but is also passionate about making a product that works for the wedding industry. I am ecstatic to work with Marrily on my developing wedding business. I plan on using this program from the very beginning and I can't wait to see how Alex will continue to improve this product! Close_quote
Amy Casner
Etch and Bumble
Open_quote I have worked with other software programs over the last ten years as a wedding planner and none of them measure up to Marrily. The ease of navigation is superb as well as the clean easy to read features are excellent not only for that bride doing her own planning but especially for a wedding professional managing dozens of weddings at the same time. Marrily is truly comprehensive in the features offered, realistic to true planning needs and easy to follow. It is obvious Alex Le has done a tremendous amount of research of what is on the market similar to this product and will be raising the bar with Marrily. Dallas Wedding Planner is thrilled to partner with Marrily to bring the "happiness" in wedding planning. Close_quote
Karol Welsh
Dallas Wedding Planner
Open_quote This online site is not only useful for weddings but for planning any event from birthday parties to bar mitzvahs.[...] The robust site keeps everything in one place and at your fingertips. Close_quote Read more >
Open_quote Marrily is a new online wedding planning resource that lets you invite collaborators to your account. That means your mom, bridesmaids, wedding planner, florist, and fiancé can all be on the same page with your wedding planning process. The best part is that you can limit what certain people see. For instance, while your planner may see everything, your florist may only see what is relevant to her. {NOTE: THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST!!! I actually spent time reviewing Marrily and genuinely think it is a useful tool.} Close_quote Read more >
Open_quote If you already have your guests list from Excel or TheKnot, you can be import to Marrily in a few simple steps (it’s really easy), and managing the contacts is a snap[...] Suddenly working on your reception seating chart becomes a breeze. Close_quote Read more >
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