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How do I import existing contacts data to Marrily?

If you have an existing list of contacts, you can quickly import to your contacts list in Marrily. Currently Marrily supports CSV file format, which can be universally export from all spreadsheet programs including Excel and Google Spreadsheet.

  1. Export your existing contacts list to a CSV file.

  2. Go to Import Contacts from your Contacts listing page, or your Guests Listing page.

  3. Upload the CSV file. Image Alt Text

  4. Match your data with Marrily's fields. Marrily will try to match your data automatically, but if there is no clear match between your data and ours, you can pick which fields to import using the drop-down.

    Image Alt Text

  5. Once you have matched all the fields in your CSV and there are no conflicts, the import button will appear to let you the contacts.

Once the contacts have been imported, you can add them to the Guests list of the events on the next screen or go back to your Contacts list.