Help & FAQs

How do I cancel my subscription?

Your subscription is handled securely with PayPal. To cancel your active PayPal subscription:

  1. go to your Subscription tab in Marrily and select Cancel My Subscription. Subscription

  2. In the cancellation confirmation page, click on "Cancel my subscription on PayPal". Paypal account cancellation:

  3. You will be taken to PayPal. Please login with your PayPal. After loggin in, click on "Profile" IPaypal Navigation

  4. Click on "My preapproved payments". Preapproved Payment

  5. Click on the entry for "". Once you're in the detail page for the Marrily's subscription page, click on "Cancel" Cancel Subscription

  6. Click on "Cancel Profile" in the confirmation message box. Cancellation

  7. PayPal will taken you back to the subscription detail page with a confirmation message saying that the subscription has been cancelled. Subscription Cancellation Successful

Since PayPal's process to cancel a subscription is not as straightforward as we'd hope, please contact Marrily's support if you have any question regard your cancellation.