Marrily helps you plan wedding.

Marrily: To Marry Happily

We believe that planning a wedding shouldn’t be stressful or time consuming. That's why we’ve created the simplest and most effective way to plan your big day. And our subscription is super affordable, with our monthly subscription plan starts at only $12.79/month.

While existing personal online wedding planning services require hours to set up, and hours of weekly maintenance, Marrily is virtually effortless with a simple interface. Use the various tools we offer to organize your tasks, visualize your budget, seat your guests and share your memories. And Marrily supports multiple users so that not only you but your significant other can join in with you as well.

Why Marrily?

Easy to use: You’re up and running in less than a simple signup form.

Comprehensive: Marrily takes care of many aspects of your planning, including tracking your guests information and your todos. Everything is in one simple place.

No commercial fillers: We respect our users and we don't bombard users with advertisements. We want to keep everything simple, clean, and straight to the point.

Great Support: Marrily is bootstrapped from day one, and we are fanatics about customer support. You can pick up your phone and call us anytime. Our number is 1-855-2MARRIL

Who is behind Marrily?

Marrily is bootstrapped company by Alex Le. After helping out a friend with his wedding in 2007, Alex got the idea of building a service to help people manage their weddings better, and less stressful. It wasn't until 2009, after making some life-changing decisions, Alex quit his job as a web developer at a well-known advertising agency in Chicago to follow his passion as an independent software developer. He started working on Marrily full-time in May 2010 and launched the first alpha-version of the site later that August.

It did not take Alex long to come up with the name "Marrily". To "marrily" is to "marry happily". Alex hopes that with Marrily he can help a lot more people stay happy by providing a simple and useful service.

He would love to hear from you. Drop him an email at

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